Royalty Free Stock Santa Clipart by Rasmussen Images

  1. Santa Claus with His Sleigh and Reindeer in Silhouette While Passing in Front of a Full Moon over a Still Lake and Forest on the Night Before Christmas
  2. Presents Falling out of the Back of Santa Claus's Sleigh While He and His Reindeer Are Being Sucked up Through the Rays of a UFO During an Abduction at Night over a Snowy Winter Landscape on Christmas Eve
  3. White Snowflakes Falling on Santa in His Sleigh Pulled by His Reindeer, Dropping Christmas Presents While Passing over a House by a River
  4. Santa and His Team of Reindeer Flying in a Snowglobe on Christmas
  5. Santa's Team of Reindeer Pulling His Sleigh While Flying over a House Covered in Snow on the Night Before Christmas
  6. Santa Claus Vacationing and Relaxing on a Lounge Chair Beside Rudolph Under a Palm Tree on a Tropical Island at Sunset While Waiting for Christmas
  7. Blue Snowy Background of Santa's Reindeer Leading the Sleigh Through the Sky on a Snowy Wintry Night Above Snow Flocked Trees