Royalty Free Stock Santa Clipart by Dennis Holmes Designs

  1. Santa Claus Angrily Stomping on His Oversized Sack of Presents to Squish It down the Chimney
  2. Santa Riding a Speedy Emu with Antlers
  3. Cute Brown Dog in a Santa Suit, Ringing a Bell to Bring in Donations
  4. Grinning Santa Riding on a Kangaroo, with Christmas Presents in the Pouch
  5. Festive Christmas Santa Kangaroo Holding a Sack of Toys and Presents
  6. Santa Clause Holding and Cuddling with a Cute Koala on White
  7. Smiling Santa Dressed in Relaxed Clothes and Sunglasses, Carrying His Sack on His Shoulder
  8. Koala Santa Riding in a Sleigh Pulled by Emus and Ostrich
  9. Casual Santa with Baseball Cap Standing with a Sack Full of Beer Cans
  10. Smiling Summer Santa Carrying His Sack While Surfing and Holding Reins to Dolphins
  11. Happy Santa with a Sack Full of Donated Cash and Coins
  12. Peaceful Santa Claus Driving Sleigh with Two Reindeer
  13. Happy Santa Waving and Driving a Pickup Truck Sleigh
  14. Santa Claus Delivering Gifts This Year with a Hotrod Sled
  15. Smiling Santa Sign Dancer Holding a Blank Green Sign
  16. Hungry Santa in a Dinner Suit Walking Forward with a Fork and Knife
  17. Smiling Summer Santa Claus Giving the Thumbs Up, Wearing Casual Clothes and an Aussie Hat
  18. Santa Claus Carrying a Bag Full of Christmas Presents
  19. Santa Dog Popping out of a Present
  20. Santa Claus Popping out of a Gift Box
  21. Peaceful Santa Claus and Snowman
  22. Sleigh with Santa and Rudolph at the North Pole