Royalty Free Stock Santa Clipart by Djart

  1. Santa's Sleigh up on a Jack in a Garage with Santa Repairing It for Christmas Flight
  2. Lost and Confused Santa Claus Holding a Map Beside Rudolph the Reindeer
  3. Sad, Depressed, Blue Santa Claus Moping Around and Wearing Jingle Bells, Waiting for Christmas
  4. Cartoon Santa Holding a Hair Brush and Blow Drying His Beard
  5. Mrs Claus in Her Red and White Suit, Waiting to Welcome Santa Home on Christmas Eve
  6. Santa Claus and Mrs Claus Pulling Toys and Reindeer Inside Santa's Sleigh Because the Reindeer Are on Strike on Christmas
  7. Santa Claus with Fresh Milk and Cookies on Christmas
  8. Santa Claus Carrying Toy Bag into Town
  9. Overwhelmed Santa Claus Sitting on Bed with His Naughty List
  10. The Merry Face of Santa Claus
  11. Santa Claus Standing in an Open Doorway
  12. Confused Santa Claus Holding a Map and Looking for Directions
  13. Chubby Orange Santa Claus Cat Waving Goodbye to Kids on Christmas
  14. Super Hero Santa Wearing a Red Suit with a Green Cape, Standing with His Hands on His Hips
  15. Stubborn Santa Claus with His Arms Crossed, Smoking a Cigar and Looking Cynical
  16. Cute Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Pulling Santa Claus and His Heavy Toy Sacks in a Red Sleigh
  17. Mrs Santa Claus Bringing Santa a Towel While He Sings and Soaps up in the Shower
  18. White Santa Watching the Cost Rise on the Gas Pump While Filling His Sleigh with Gasoline on His Delivery Route
  19. Santa Traveling with His Steampunk Sleigh
  20. Santa Being Lazy While Mrs Claus Vacuums
  21. Rudolph Watching Santa Claus Pick out Christmas Presents from His Bag
  22. Santa Claus Drinking Milk and Eating Cookies on Christmas Eve
  23. Chubby Santa with His Hands on His Suspenders
  24. Mini Santas on a Pine Christmas Wreath
  25. Santa Claus in Full Uniform and Bells, with His Arms up in the Air
  26. Christmas Wreath with Holly, Bells, a Bow and Santa Decorations
  27. Santa Claus Playing Christmas Music on a Double Bass Instrument
  28. Jazzy Santa Claus Playing with a New Drum Set
  29. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Wearing His Toy Sack on His Back
  30. Mr. and Mrs. Claus Celebrating Christmas on the Road with Their Dog by Their Trailer
  31. Mrs. Claus and an Elf Helping Santa Get Dressed for Christmas Eve
  32. Brown Cow Dressed As Santa Claus
  33. African American Santa Claus Handing out Candy Canes to a Group of Kids
  34. Two Santa Clauses Holding a Blank Sign
  35. Caucasian Santa Riding a Cow Decorated in Colorful Christmas Lights
  36. Sporty Santa Holding a Red Christmas Stocking on a Fishing Pole Hook
  37. Santa Paddling a Canoe with a Sack of Toys in the Back
  38. Five Happy Santas in Uniform, Kicking Their Legs up While Dancing in a Chorus Line
  39. Santa Claus Bending over and Repairing Wires in an Hvac System for Christmas
  40. Santa Claus in Uniform, Pointing to a Blank Board and Discussing Christmas Flight Rules and Plans with Reindeer
  41. Festive Santa in Uniform, Holding a Clipboard and Using a Pointer Stick While Discussing Christmas Rules on a Board
  42. Caucasian Santa Standing by a Toolbox, Carrying a Flashlight and a Screwdriver, Looking to Do Home Repairs As a Christmas Gift
  43. White Santa in His Suit and a Sash of Bells, Pointing and Looking Upwards
  44. Santa Claus in His Pajamas, Dozing in a Green Lazy Chair with His Boots and Suit Behind Him
  45. Mrs. Santa Claus Helping Santa Carry a Decorated Xmas Tree with Lights and Baubles
  46. Santa Claus Pointing Forward While Transporting His Toy Sack in a Motor Boat
  47. Santa and Mrs Claus Embracing Each Other in a Sweet Hug
  48. Caucasian Santa Claus in His Red Suit, Riding a Red Atv in the Snow
  49. Santa Claus and His Wife Riding a Green Snowmobile Through the Snow at the North Pole
  50. Santa Claus Snowmobiling to Deliver Presents on Christmas Eve, His Sack of Toys in a Trailer Behind Him
  51. White Santa Claus Wearing Shorts and a Hat, Riding on a Red Jet Ski
  52. Caucasian Santa Claus Holding a Gas Can and Standing by a Snowmobile After Running out of Gas
  53. Festive Santa Sitting on a Pail and Ice Fishing on a Frozen Lake
  54. Caucasian Santa in His Suit, Typing on a Desktop Computer While Responding to Dear Santa Emails
  55. Cute Santa in His Suit, Driving a Mud Bug with an Ice Chest in the Back
  56. Santa Claus in His Red Suit, Resting His Hand on Top of an Adjustable Wrench
  57. Silly and Drunk Santa with a Pink Lamp Shade on His Head, Holding a Light Fixture in One Hand and a Glass of Wine in the Other
  58. Santa Claus with a Truckload of Coal Ready for Delivery to Bad Boys and Girls on Christmas
  59. Bratty Kids Pulling on a Fake Santas Beard
  60. Santa Holding a Vacuum Cord
  61. Santa Having a BBQ
  62. Helpers, Dog and the Mrs Claus Helping Santa Claus Get Ready in the Morning
  63. Santa Claus Smoking a Cigarette on a Smoke Break
  64. Santa Claus on Summer Vacation, Holding a Drink and His Shirt off
  65. Santa Claus Carrying Bag of Toys
  66. Santa Claus Holding a Beer Stein
  67. Drunk Santa Claus Waving While Holding a Bottle of Wine
  68. Relaxing Santa Drinking Wine in His Favorite Recliner Chair
  69. Santa Claus Decorating with a Garland Dotted with Colorful Christmas Lightbulbs
  70. Santa Claus Holding a Lit Candle
  71. Santa Claus Holding Candy Canes in His Hand
  72. Mr. and Mrs. Claus Shopping for Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve
  73. Santa Shopping in a Toy Store from His Nice List
  74. Santa Claus Carrying Full Bag of Christmas Presents
  75. Santa Claus Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies and Drinking Milk
  76. Santa Claus Holding a Strand of Christmas Lights
  77. Santa Claus Singing Karaoke Christmas Music
  78. Santa Claus Carrying a Burning Gas Lantern While Delivering Christmas Presents at Night
  79. Santa Claus Delivering Christmas Presents
  80. Santa Claus Grabbing Chocolate Chip Cookie While Delivering Christmas Presents
  81. Mr. and Mrs. Claus Toasting Wine Glasses Together on Christmas Eve
  82. Sad, Tired, Exhausted Santa Claus Carrying Sack of Christmas Presents
  83. Exhausted Santa Holding a Blank Paper List
  84. Mrs. Claus Pushing a Shopping Cart Full of Christmas Presents for Her Husband
  85. Children with Santa Claus and Boy Sitting on His Lap
  86. Santa Claus Proposing a Toast with a Glass of Wine
  87. Boy Sitting on Santa's Lap, Asking for Presents
  88. Mrs. Claus & Elf Helping Santa Get Dressed for Christmas Eve
  89. Santa Talking on a Phone While Sitting in a Reclined Chair in His Pajamas
  90. Santa Holding a Blank White Sign
  91. Santa Holding a Box of Champagne Bottles
  92. Santa and Mrs. Claus Decorating Christmas Tree
  93. Festive Santa Claus in a Red Suit, Taking Photographs with a Camera
  94. Santa Claus in a Red and White Christmas Suit and Boots, Operating a Pressure Washer
  95. Caucasian Santa in His Red Suit, Operating a Power Washer Nozzle
  96. Caucasian Santa Claus Riding on a Gray Horse, His Sack of Toys Behind Him
  97. Obese Santa Claus Bending over Slightly and Shining a Flashlight Downwards
  98. Super Hero Santa Wearing a Red Suit with a Green Cape, Pointing Upwards
  99. Caucasian Santa Claus in a Chef's Jacket and His Christmas Uniform, Stirring a Pot of Stew
  100. Tired Exhausted Santa Claus Laying on His Back and Looking Towards the Viewer, Crashing After Delivering Gifts Worldwide
  101. White Santa Claus Kneeling and Holding a Lit Match, Preparing to Light Something on Fire
  102. Santa Claus in His Suit, Carrying a Gas Can After Running out of Gasoline
  103. Festive Santa Claus Holding a Green Holly Hot Pad and Spatula in the Kitchen
  104. Obese Santa Claus Looking over His Shoulder While Stuffing His Toy Sack Full of Gifts
  105. Cute Santa Claus in His Red Suit, Resting His Hand on Top of a Pipe Wrench
  106. Happy Santa Claus in His Red Suit, Resting His Hand on Top of a Flathead Screwdriver
  107. Santa in a Suit, Blowing a Noise Maker at a New Year's Party
  108. Pudgy Santa Wearing His Red Suit, a Belt and a Sash of Jingle Bells, Carrying His Sack of Toys at His Side and Hitchhiking
  109. Santa Claus Writing Bah Humbug Text with His Yellow Urine in the Snow
  110. Fat Santa Looking over His Shoulder While Writing Merry Christmas in the Snow with His Yellow Pee
  111. Santa Lighting a Rocket with an Elf
  112. Santa Claus Holding a Year 2011 Flag down and a Year 2012 Flag up During New Years
  113. Santa Claus Trekking with a Candy Cane Stick and Carrying a Sack on His Shoulder
  114. Santa Working in a Cubicle
  115. Santa Doing Laundry
  116. Santa Claus Riding a Trike and Pulling an Elf in a Wagon
  117. Santa Claus Going Snow Skiing
  118. Santa Going Snow Skiing
  119. Santa Claus Decorating Snowman with Colorful Christmas Lights
  120. Santa Pressure Washing His Sleigh
  121. Santa with His Long Beard Flowing over a Sash of Bells
  122. Santa Pointing to a Map While Discussing Christmas Deliveries
  123. Santa Claus Applying Under Arm Deodorant
  124. Chubby Santa Holding up a Wine Tray with Glasses
  125. Hitchhiking Santa Sitting on His Sack
  126. Santa Claus Holding up a Lunch Tray with Sandwiches
  127. Chubby Santa Taking a Spoon Full of Cough Syrup
  128. Santa Claus Operating a Video Camera
  129. Santa Operating a Bobcat Machine
  130. Santa Claus Holding His Arms out in the Snow
  131. Santa and Reindeer in a Hot Tub
  132. Santa Taking out the Garbage
  133. Santa Claus Wearing a Disguise and Carrying a Sack
  134. Christmas Santa Introducing
  135. Chubby Santa Trying to Zip up His Suit
  136. Santa Claus Ironing His Pants
  137. Santa Putting Boots on
  138. Black and White Boy Pulling Santas Beard
  139. Santa Losing Weight
  140. Santa Folding a Towel
  141. Santa Carrying a Cardboard Box and Looking Back
  142. Black and White Santa Claus Using a Telescope Outline
  143. Black and White Santa Pulling a Reindeer on a Sled
  144. Black and White Doctor Giving Santa a Checkup
  145. Black and White Santa Walking
  146. Black and White Santa Nailing a Sign
  147. Lineart Santa Taking Cough Syrup Outline
  148. Lineart Santa in Hospital Gown
  149. Black and White Tired Santa Sleeping on a Couch